When Prestun was 3 years old, he was just like any other normal boy. On September 26. 2012. Prestun found out he had a rare Childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma stage 4. Prestun has been an amazing fighter through this whole process.  He has battled like a true super hero and we thought he had kicked this Childhood Cancers butt.
Prestun Seibel almost age 5 now will be spending his 5th birthday once again battling his childhood cancer, Ignore. Prestun has had his last birthdays robbed from him, and we thought we had cancer. We thought this birthday would be different and he would be able to celebrate his birthday like a normal boy. we have drained our life savings and we could use any help to continue traveling for his treatment of the childhood cancer.
Prestun just started another round of chemo, he will endure radiation, antibodies. and vaccine trial. Prestun is going to require many trips back and forth to New York City over the next year to fight the childhood cancer. We need your help to make sure we can give him the best treatment he needs.  Please pray for Prestun has he battles for his life and pray that respond to treatment that the tumor near his brain responds to treatment.

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Back to NYC in 14 days

Today Prestun went to clinic we had port flush and labs done and met with the team here at home hospital. Monday I took Prestun to the dentist. Prestun lost his crown and needs to have another one put on ...
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Gamer for Life

Today was day one of clinic . Prestun got his port access and labs drawn too and saw the team to clear him for anesthesia. We did discover his potassium is low. I'm going to have her some more bananas ...
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******Update on Prestun Scans*******

We got the results in all Prestun Scans.... As you can see in the picture we are very very happy with the results. We are now back home. There is no place like home! Prestun will go back to New ...
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Scans are done !

Scans are done ! Now we wait . Please say a prayer for Prestun! If people that can not help Prestun we understand and we simply ask you to share the post and say a prayer for Prestun . If ...
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*****Day 2 Scans are done*****

*****Day 2 Scans are done***** Today was another long day at the clinic. We started out at 7:30am this morning to do his MRI of Liver followed up later in the afternoon for his Mibg injection. I still have no ...
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****Day 1 Scans Are Done Started at 7:30 am this morning.

****Day 1 Scans Are Done Started at 7:30 am this morning we did his MRI brain and spine followed up later in the day sonogram of both kidneys... I have nothing to report and no answer .. waiting for information ...
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Back to NYC once again.

Tomorrow morning Prestun will head back to Nyc for his scans and for some more test done on his bladder issues. Since christmas I have seen some things that have concern me but I do my best to brush them ...
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This little boy reminds me every day why to be thankful! Thank you every single person that has prayed for our sweet little boy every day is a blessing with him!#prestunthesuperhero.  We are gearing up to go ...
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Neighborhood kids surprise Prestun

On December 3rd some very kind neighborhood kids found out Preston who is a 7 and is fighting cancer wanted to meet and surprise Prestun by decorating his front door with homemade signs, Legos and Pokémon cards. Prestun was so ...
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Can you guess what we are doing in Nyc today ! #prestunthesuperhero #smileisthebestmedicine ...
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Day 2 of scans

**** prestun In scans now . Please pray***** I love sharing some school moments with you guys ... This Little boy is my world my life he's my everything !!! I'm a nervous wreck ! I'm praying for good news ...
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waiting on results

Update On Prestun*** There is no word today on Prestun Mri of his brain. I should have answers tomorrow. Tomorrow Prestun will have his MIBG scan (totoal body Scan).... Prayers please Today I recived another blow Next Wednesday Prestun will ...
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Day one scans

Please Pray*** Prestun is doing his MRI brain and Spine. Please god protect my baby and find no tumors. As soon I get the results I will update you. I wanted to show you this picture that was taken almost ...
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Prayers for scans

***Prayers are needed for tomorrow scan**** Tomorrow is day 1 for Prestun scans. Prestun will be doing MRI Brain and Spine tomorrow. The last time we had a MRI of brain they found a tumor in the back of his ...
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Clear Scans

PLEASE READ AND SHARE! We had some issues during scans last week. During Prestun's Bone marrows, Prestun body decided to stop breathing . They had to intubate him cause he wasnt breathing on his own. They gave him a drug ...
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Scans are tomorrow . Please say a prayer for Prestun

Hair cut check. Got to look good to kick cancer in the butt. Please Please everyone Say a prayer tomorrow. Prestun goes into his scans tomorrow and his Bone marrrows too. Please pray for no cancer. We love you all ...
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Day 1 Scan

Day 1 Scan Day. Prestun is curretly doing his MRI of Brain and spine as we speak. I have no words none of this gets easier for me or him. All I can do is pray and beg that he ...
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Still not feeling well

So sorry for waiting so long to post about Prestun. I've just been waiting and trying to Determine a virus or is it related to cancer. So my last post Prestun had a major headache and was vomiting . He ...
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Not feeling well

Please say a prayer for Prestun today . He isnt feeling good and his headache is still there. He has vomited several times today. As you can see this isn't Prestun. We all know something is wrong if he don't ...
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Sibling Love

Sibling Love... There's just something about this picture... Beyond thankful and priceless moment of Prestun being with one of his sister ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero ...
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