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Scans are back…Can’t win for losing.

mseibelSeptember 4, 20141 Comment
Scans are back and it looks like the surgery we were hoping to avoid will have to be done anyway. Not sure if the last scan was inaccurate or if the new scan show that the tumor has made its way…
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No Results Back Yet

thowardSeptember 3, 20140 Comments
So today we did the MRI of the head and his CT of his lung and his Mibg injection. I knew today I wouldn’t have any answer. Due he told me so. I’m praying every so hard to hear those…
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Superboy Prestun from Smallville, Ks battles cancer and needs your help (Birthday Superhero Cards).

mseibelSeptember 1, 20143 Comments
    Prestun Seibel will be spending his 5th birthday (September 17) like many of his past birthdays, in the hospital :(He is battling the cancer Neuroblastoma, and although his family thought…
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