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7 more days before we leave NYC

7 more days before we leave NYC

thoward September 2, 2015 0 comments

7 More days before we leave for NYC. Prestun will receive his next cycle of treatment on this vaccine shot. This is going to be shot number 5. I except him to run a fever and feel like crap for about 48 hours and bounce back hopefully. Everytime after this treatement it never fails he runs a fever. Then followed by 15 more days from scans. Nervous and worried and praying he remains clear and cancer hasnt return . We will be in NYC for about 10 days on the condition scans are clear. The exciting part is we are 16 days away from Prestun Birthday . Tomorrow we are going to Gamestop convention that is all he can talk about .. Can’t wait to see his face when we walk in the door! Thank you everyone for support you have shown prestun and we will be asking for alot prayers during scans. These trips never get easier … #prestunthesuperhero11947593_898786803508931_7213367179177377260_n

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