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A year ago today

A year ago today

thoward September 2, 2015 0 comments

A year ago today . I rush Prestun to NYC on emergency flight because he had a lung infection. We were told he was more than likely gong to die from this infection. Thank god for hearing my prayers and 3 sleepless night later he started to show sign he was coming out of it. Long behold this moment started my almost 11 month journey being in stuck in new York city as well finding out Prestun just relapse in the head but indeed it was in the brain. Prestun has came so far and couple close ones. Prestun at this point has almost been fighting cancer for 3 years now. We are very thankful and we know how lucky we are . A lot of families that have started with us had to say goodbye way to soon. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring with Prestun but I know I will make sure he lives life to the fullest and be spoiled rotten in the process. A lot people of misunderstanding with cancer. A lot of people assume that if you have no hair if you must have cancer. Which is correct but even we you get your hair back and start to look healthy doesn’t mean you don’t have cancer still. Sadly Prestun is still stage 4 neuroblastoma and is still in treatment and we don’t complete treatment until April 2016 and we still aren’t don’t we have to keep doing scans every 3 months for next two years on top of that. So we still have many more flights, expenses, medical bills, stress and many other things along with this monster. This coming Friday we will be at Children’s Los Angeles to see what treatments they have to offer Prestun if he relapses again. Hopefully never. Get a better understanding of their antibodies they have to offer. Then we move along back to NYC for his next round of treatment and as well his scans. We should have his results back on his Birthday which is 17th. So hopefully it will be clear . Last year people all around the world truly made Prestun birthday amazing. All the cards, drawings and the super hero stories They were just amazing. This year we are doing pre celebration at gamestop gaming convention. We wanted to take him last year but he was no shape to be doing this . I promise myself this year. It will happen. Happy to hear its going to happen. Thank you for all the love and support everyone as we get closer to Prestun birthday I get more excited granted we will be in NYC but it’s different this year. We have came such long ways from hearing a year ago today . Your son going to die to now he is living and doing well. Enclose is heart throb picture of Prestun. Look out ladies. This picture just melts my heart. To a picture that was taken a year ago while he was needing oxygen . Prestun is truly superhero. ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero‬11953158_894533543934257_5462574003701111119_n

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