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Already back in the hospital

Already back in the hospital

thoward August 9, 2014 0 comments
What a long day today I guess you now can say yesterday now . Poor Prestun. started In the wee early morning hours just puking his heart out. Took him to clinic this morning . Did blood drawls. Got his shot as well (sad face.) his potassium is low which we knew this the last day of chemo. Which the chemo is doing this. So they wanted him to take a pill every day 4 times day. easy enough.. So I thought. He keeps puking so not so easy. Prestun didn’t even make it out the hospital for 24 hours. My heart just breaks for him ever second ever hour of the day. The moment we found out the relapse. 48 hours later port placement a flight later and landed in Kansas city chldrens hospital for chemo. 6 days later he gets out and not even 24 hours right back in. He feels like shit. He has already lost 3lbs too many due not able to eat since he is puking all the time. So far this chemo round has gave him extreme tummy pain and puke feast 2014. I have one wish one dream for Prestun and to become cancer free again and live. Live life like a 4 year old little boy should . I have no clue when we will get out . I will always behind him every step the way . He’s my life, my world, my best friend. #negu #neuroblastomacansuckit # prestunsocool #prestunstrong See More

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