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We have answer to all Scans

We have answer to all Scans

thoward November 30, 2014 1 comment

Today was very long day in clinic and fasting. Prestun and I fast together for his test. Prestun and I finally got to eat our first meal today at 5pm. He was such a brave boy today getting access in the ommaya port in his brain. They took a very small needle and poke it into the port . It took about 10 second to inject and then came lots and lots of scans and taking pictures today to make sure it’s following correctly . Tomorrow we will do it again . They call this the flow study . In regards to his Mri of his liver . My primary NB Doctor is staring . Its NOT neuroblastoma. Yes!!!!!! Happy dance right here. In regards to what it is. He doesn’t know but he said its a infection for sure. He believe its the infection from his lungs back in August. When Prestun has his lung infection . We didn’t know what it was. But when it clear up after rescanning the lungs back in September we saw his lungs were clear but his liver wasn’t. They assume it was the infection working it way out of the body . So they were kinda of shock to see it was on this scan. So they decide to do MRI to rule out cancer. So the other Doctors believe its Fungal. Which is what they thought he had in the lungs. But it turn out not to be fungal. Now we have some think fungal infection or sometime type of infection. So really only answer I really got . NO cancer. So I will take that. So long story short. NO CANCER HAS BEEN FOUND. Again Happy Dance. Thank you for the prayers and support we still have a long ways in treatment . Tomorrow another days of testing to prepare for his 8h9 in first week of December

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    Yay,YAY,YAY!!!!So happy for you guys. Will continue to pray that God works mightily in your little boy.

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