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No Answers

thoward August 18, 2014 1 comment

1871925_1408385913_6822_multiWe still don’t have the answers . Prestun has been running a fever of 103 currently . We have spoken with the team . Since it’s Monday most of people are back so we can get moving and figure all of this out. So currently we are meeting with ENT (ear nose throat Doctor ) to look at the Ct in sinus area to see if there is fungal or not. We are also meeting with Infections disease control see what there suggestion are. They are leaning towards there was no lesion which is good thing. They believe now it was bowel (poo) which is the best news so far. Prestun is really sick he’s isn’t eating or drinking at all and just running fevers all day long. We have been in the hospital now 17 days and don’t have any idea when we will get out least of my concerns . We are still battling low sodium problems as well. So they have him on fluid restriction . We are hoping for more positive news and no more bad news Prestun has been through enough and we have along ways ahead of us. Our home hospital is 3 hours away from home and we aren’t going home anytime soon. On September 1, Prestun will be transfer by medical Jet to new York city for more of his treatment . He won’t be able travel on commercial airlines. Please keeping praying for Prestun. We will never ever give up and will fight to end . Thank you everyone for the continue support .


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    August 18, 2014

    So sorry that a child has to go through this. Praying hard for all.

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