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Back to NYC in 14 days

Back to NYC in 14 days

thoward October 26, 2017 0 comments

Today Prestun went to clinic we had port flush and labs done and met with the team here at home hospital. Monday I took Prestun to the dentist. Prestun lost his crown and needs to have another one put on . Over the last several weeks Prestun has had alot of Doctors appointments its been kinda crazy. We are leaving for NYC in 14 days. We will be there amost for 2 weeks and even through Thanksgiving again this year. Prestun will have scans and several other appointments as well and requires us to be there little longer then normal. With that being said We need your help. We are needing food gift cards to help cover the cost of meals as all of this helps tremendously. We got 2 weeks of meals, a crown to cover for his tooth and transportation cost and to be honest Co pays have been racking up alot lately. I’m always afraid to ask for help and I hate doing this since I am not working and we are down to one income. I always teach Prestun never to be afraid to ask for help. Always ask for help. So why as Prestun parents be afraid. I just hate the backlash and nasty comments. Cancer is very expensive battle and been doing this for 5 years now and traveling for his treatment. The only time I ask for help when we head to NYC cause we need help the most. I just want to Thank everyone for your incredible support over the last 5 years. As we move foward to NYC and his scans we need prayers and postive thoughts.

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