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Back to NYC once again.

Back to NYC once again.

thoward January 13, 2017 0 comments

Tomorrow morning Prestun will head back to Nyc for his scans and for some more test done on his bladder issues. Since christmas I have seen some things that have concern me but I do my best to brush them off. He has had some headaches, couple times he has vomited for no reason, Lack of eating in and out as well he has been tired some days. I know these all could be from his Cancer treatments after math or warning signs something is wrong. I try to take a step back and convince myself its nothing but it’s very hard to say given his type of cancer. We will be in NYC for total of 10 days on this trip. Prestun was very upset today he made it very clear he didn’t want to leave home nor did he want to go nyc. He told me he doesn’t understand why he cant be left alone. As Prestun’s parents we do our best to explain and do what we can to rescue him and comfort his needs and be very understanding. He isnt alone in this. I feel his pain and his heart ache everyday. I don’t want to go either. As new year starts Prestun new Insurance premiums of $455.00 a month plus co pays and deductibles start over. I’m worried with me not working right now because I’m taking care of Prestun. That’s my job! I hope we can push through this year and his monthly premiums scare me how can I afford this? We always hate asking for help and placing the burden on others but we have come so far and it is a broken record doing these trips about every 2 months currently and bills from his previous brain surgery are still coming in as well all the other stuff it’s never ending. I know we havent posted alot during this break in between. But I just needed to shut down and take a break from this world. It’s never ending as we become close to upcoming trip as always anxiety returns. I kinda describe it as a black cloud that comes over Prestun and I . It’s something you try to hide from and run away but it always makes you come back cause you don’t have a choice. Cancer doesn’t give you much choices nor breaks and just takes and takes and takes from you and tries to do its best to break you down and destroy you. I wanted to share a proud moment for Prestun . At school he was honored with the Proud eagle award. For him working so hard and trying to learn his letters. School has a been struggle for him. This school year he has missed a lot of school and he does his best to push through when he is there. So we are asking for everyone tonight to add Prestun on the prayers list as we battle scans next week and everything to goes smoothly . All he wants to do is come home. I wanted to share his Beautiful contagious smile . He constantly reminds everyone he will fight cancer with a smile on his face… Thank you everyone for all the love over the last four years. Please pray I hate making him do this and over 4 years of his childhood has been robbed.

If people that can not help Prestun we understand and we simply ask you to share the post and say a prayer for Prestun . If you can help Prestun click on the the link below thank you

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