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Can’t catch a break

Can’t catch a break

thoward August 10, 2014 0 comments

29Prestun cant seem to catch a break with this chemo. Still puking a lot No matter what meds they give him it’s puke fest 2014.. They just did chest and stomach area x-rays to make sure something isn’t wrong. They did labs. Well the results are in . He has officially tank. No immune system . It took the chemo 4 days after the last dose to do it’s damage. Platelets are 14,000 , hemoglobin 7 and drum roll please. ANC 0!. meaning we aren’t going to get out of this hospital and until the counts come up. With ice chemo. I assume it’s going to take at least 7 days or more. and Fevers will be coming soon. He has his hit rock bottom . Poor little man… Sucks #prestunstrong #neuroblastomacansuckit #negu


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