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Clear Scans

thoward April 18, 2016 0 comments


We had some issues during scans last week. During Prestun’s Bone marrows, Prestun body decided to stop breathing . They had to intubate him cause he wasnt breathing on his own. They gave him a drug to help his body relax and reverse some the sedation medicine. They were able to get him breathing again. He didnt require overnight stay at the hospital but they continue to watch him for couple of hours. He is fine! other then his throat was hoarse. This once again scared me to death. This is the world I face with these harsh treatments that was given to prestun and not having cure doing scans all the time praying the cancer doesnt return. There is always pros and cons of everything. But I cant say this enough more funding is needed for pedatric cancer period. Prestun has been clear scans now for 18 months I’m very pleased with all this but during back July 2014 prestun was clear for 18 months and the monster decided to come back. I pray this will be Prestun last relapse ever and remain free of cancer.

Thursday prestun will receive his treatment again. I’m praying for little or no pain and NO fevers. Prestun always seems to get fevers. We are getting close to finishing treatment again. In hopes we have end of treatment party in June. Prestun hasnt ever had end of treatment party for three and half years Prestun has been fighting hard and its time for cancer to leave him alone and let him be a normal little boy much as possible. He will continue to be scans for several years so we arent complety ever done But in June it will roll over to every three months scans. I want to thank everyone for the prayers and love and support and donations and gifts and kind gestures. I know we never couldnt have done this all without you guys . We leave NYC on Sunday which makes a total of two weeks here.

For now celebrate clear scans and clear bone marrows onwards to Thursday to kick cancer in butt and get this treatment done. Prestun wanted to tell everyone Hi today and dont be stranger and say hello. #prestunthesuperhero #clearscans #beatingcancerwithasmile


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