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Day 1 done

Day 1 done

thoward March 13, 2015 0 comments

Day 1 is Done. We are resting back at the Ronald tonight. Blood Pressure didn’t seem to be the problem today. Doing this again brings back a year of bad dreams that I never wanted to return too. Now Prestun being older he is able to express more and tell me how he feels. Today Broke my heart into a million pieces. Brought tears to my husband and myself today. Prestun pleading to make the pain stop. He scream for my name. I was right there beside him all the way through this. I couldn’t take the pain away I did what I could do for him and that was comfort him and love him. He hasn’t ate today or this evening. But this typical pattern for 3f8. He has been tossing and turning while he is trying to rest. He is telling me he still hurts. We are hoping that tomorrow brings a better day and no blood pressure problems. 4 more days left before we can end this horrible week. No child should have to endure pain in treatment let alone cancer in their little bodies. Thank you everyone for the love and support and ask of you to pray for Prestun.11042099_606979716105136_1707491854_n

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