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Day 1 Scan

Day 1 Scan

thoward November 24, 2015 0 comments

Day 1 Scan Day. Prestun is curretly doing his MRI of Brain and spine as we speak. I have no words none of this gets easier for me or him. All I can do is pray and beg that he will be clear. This little boy deserved life and has fought hard for this. I refuse to let cancer take it away from me or him. Cancer might cause stress, fear. depression , being broke and so many other things. But I wont let cancer break me or Prestun down. Thank you everyone for the Prayers and love and support. Prestun needs so many more Prayers today and tomorrow to get through this. #prestunthesuperhero12239691_710357999100640_3188681631106178056_n

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