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day 2 done

day 2 done

thoward March 13, 2015 0 comments

I’ve found myself being bitter at social media lately. How some people are wonderful and we are bless to have them in our lives and other’s not so much. I haven’t posted on my personal facebook for several days. Wasn’t planning on it until today . I watch my son endure so much pain today. These images are disturbing to me. These should remain behind closed door. But lately I think and believe there has been an miss consumption about childhood cancer. Some people think traveling away from home is like a mini vacation. (I believe some people are thinking we are sitting in lounge chair and having a time of our lives.) Nope today I was sitting in the chair while my husband was comforting my son, Prestun pleading with us to make the pain stop. I’m tired of people thinking these kids don’t deserve more the one vacation. Oh didn’t he do his make a wish trip. These kids deserve VIP treatment everyday . They should go on as many vacations and laughter’s as possible. We need more funding we need a cure. I know this is harsh but It time for a cure and more funding and less people being criticize on what they are supposedly doing wrong. Look at these images. Be a better friend and go show your support and help these kids vs being so negative. This was general statement not towards anyone I know. I’m tired.. I just want my son to Live, have a normal childhood, and have smiles for a lifetime. Not this80



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