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*****Day 2 Scans are done*****

*****Day 2 Scans are done*****

thoward January 19, 2017 0 comments

*****Day 2 Scans are done*****

Today was another long day at the clinic. We started out at 7:30am this morning to do his MRI of Liver followed up later in the afternoon for his Mibg injection. I still have no results Ive been told they are back up on reading the results of the MRI. Tomorrow 8:00am Prestun will have his mibg scans (full body scan). Please pray that nothing lights up and no tumors are found. We wanted to let everyone know we have collected almost 3 months of Prestun insurance premium. This is a huge help and Amazing and lifted some stress. . Thank you everyone! We are in the hopes we can pay the entire year off so we dont have to worry about medical coverage cause its paid. Prestun is ready to get this scan over and his port deaccess so we can head home over the weekend Hopefully.

If people that can not help Prestun we understand and we simply ask you to share the post and say a prayer for Prestun . If you can help Prestun click on the link below thank you

Donations through PayPal

Mail to
Prestun Seibel
PO Box 770811 Winter Garden, FL 34777

Donations directly

Your sharing and prayers help more then you ever think !


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