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Day before Treatment in NYC

Day before Treatment in NYC

thoward September 13, 2015 0 comments

Please tomorrow morning say a prayer for Prestun. Tomorrow is treatment day . Praying for no fevers. I always do my best and explain the night before what ‘sis going on what is taking place tomorrow. First he kept saying no no no no I dont want this. Can you blame him.? No needles No burning of the leg. All of this is going to Hurt. It litterally brought me tears to tonight. For almost three years I’ve had to keep breaking my son heart and watch the fear in his eyes of kwowing what tomorrow brings. I Hate of of this. Beyond thankful for the fight but doubel edge sword it’s not fair he has to endure these painful treatments. Everyday I have hope, faith and cure is coming. My heart is broken for rmy son and every day I beg to switche places. He reminds me every day what is a super hero is …. When Ilook at this picture I cant beleive my son is fighting cancer my heart is broken nothing I can do to fix or change it but tell him every second every hour everyday I love you Prestun you are amazing .Postive note 7 more days to his 6 Birthday. ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero‬11997843_688795284590245_708702794_n

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