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Day one scans

Day one scans

thoward November 26, 2016 0 comments

Please Pray***

Prestun is doing his MRI brain and Spine. Please god protect my baby and find no tumors. As soon I get the results I will update you. I wanted to show you this picture that was taken almost 2 years ago. Pure bliss no worries in the world free from of all pain and suffering . Just being a normal little boy seeing the world and enjoying the moment. I wish I could give him this moment again. I would say it was the one of the best time ever seeing him so at peace and happy . I wish I could provide him this moment everyday
Please say a prayer for prestun .

We are still needing gift cards for food and future travel as well.
If people that can not help Prestun we understand and we simply ask you to share the post and say a prayer for Prestun . If you can help Prestun click on the the link below thank you

Prestun Battles Childhood Cancer


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