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Fever watch

Fever watch

thoward September 13, 2015 0 comments

We are on fever watch already. Today was rough for me and of course for Prestun. He got access did his labs . Around 1:00pm today. We did our vaccine shot. It was horrible. He voice and kick and scream and in shear terror that he didn’t want it ….no needle and didn’t want the pain of his leg being on fire. He cried for about 20 mins begging me to make the pain go away. Finally the fire pain went away and his leg is hot and swore. For dinner NYC Candlelighters took us out to dinner. Barbara (My Barbara) as he calls her made his night. He seem to be doing better. After dinner we came home and isn’t feeling good . He’s flush and red and hot. Just waiting for the right temp before we have to go to the ER. Please pray this round is better for him. We have 7 more days before his birthday cant wait to get home celebrate. I’ve received couple of emails of things he likes . In lieu of all of this. We asking for people to donate Gifts like Gamestop, or Apple iTunes, target any gift cards or make a donation to help with his ongoing expense traveling back and fourth to new York city. Or you can mail something
Prestun Seibel
PO Box 770811 Winter Garden, FL 34777

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and support I will keep you posted if and when we headed to the ER with Prestun. ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero‬


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