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Finish with 8H9!

Finish with 8H9!

thoward February 8, 2015 0 comments

Sorry for the not updating sooner . Prestun has finish the 8h9 treatment. Finally done with the brain treatment .. This weekend we have been celebrating. Prestun has struggled very hard with this treatment and it was very nerve wrecking for him, due all the needles coming at him to access the port in his brain. Now we are waiting for his counts to recover. It’s going to be several weeks and many transfusion to get him back up and running. In the mean time we are now waiting for scans. Less then two weeks away Prestun will redo his scans looking for cancer. I pray to god they find nothing. If they find nothing we will move towards antibody at the end of the month . Its been rough couple days for us. Our friends are relapsing from this horrible monster and some others are saying good bye . We report to clinic on Tuesday to get counts check again. We cant go home yet. We are hopingmaybe by April we can go home. It has been 7 months since Prestun has seen his home and bedroom. Thank you everyone for the love and support. Tonight we are going celebrate and go see sponge bob movie. Prestun is super excited. Please everyone say prayer for all our Neuroblastoma families out there tonight10984946_596752617127846_972787362_n10353027_495058420630600_7770831767887427042_ntent/uploads/2015/02/10965530_596752807127827_439765754_n.jpg”>10965530_596752807127827_439765754_n

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