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Follow up test dose 8H9

Follow up test dose 8H9

thoward December 7, 2014 0 comments

Sorry for the lack up updates following the test dose of 8h9. Prestun got the test dose back on Weds. He had to report to clinic on Thursday and Friday for more scans and picture. They were doubling checking they flow of the 8h9. They wanting to make sure it was flowing correctly and moving and making sure it was getting into the place of the Central Nervous System. He had to be access several times in the port in his head. So they left it access the first day. Cause they had to take samples several times a day. I’m very proud of Prestun. It’s hard for me as a parent to watch what he has endure and he is so positive . I truly believe he handles it better then I would. We have Monday and Tuesday off. Then Weds is the full dose of the 8h9. I am concern though. The last 2 days. He has been little off. He is sleeping a lot and not eating but drinking though. He moans time to time in his sleep like he is pain but when I ask him if he is hurting he tells me no. We are trying to decide if we are going to take him to have him double check to make sure nothing is wrong. No fever though . Thank you everyone for the love and support

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