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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

thoward April 15, 2015 0 comments

Happy Easter everyone. Very sorry for lack updates on Prestun. I honestly don’t have all the answer. Prestun Didn’t finish his 3f8 treatment this week. Prestun only completed Monday and Tuesday and Thursday we decided as a team to pull him of this protocol. Prestun had intense pain, blood pressure issue, fevers and vomiting and it was to much for him and let alone for me to watch. We have been doing blood pressure check today. Thankfully Prestun blood pressure is back to normal as of today. Tomorrow at 9:00am Prestun will do an MRI of Brain and 11:00 am Bone barrow. Finally getting some answer and praying to god no cancer has return to the Brain. Please say a prayer tomorrow morning for good clean Mri of brain.

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