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IronMan to the rescue

IronMan to the rescue

mseibel August 13, 2014 0 comments

10596080_10203890422637408_943769869_nI went down to Hutch for the day to get some things in order, when I get a call to head back up to KC. Prestun is throwing up like crazy and is puking blood, and they don’t know why but his sodium levels are low. So I dropped everything and came up. Once I entered his room we had to shove an NG tube down his nose do to the fact he hasn’t eaten really anything in nearly a week. He looks like he has lost a lot of weight.
After we get the tube in and everything is settled down I get a call from Stephanie Jacobson she met Prestun in NY during his birthday at the Ronald McDonald House and asked if she could dedicate the IromMan she will be doing in 11 months. I called her and agreed. She will be helping to raise money and awareness for Prestun and Neurobastoma. I am so shocked and honored. She said she played with him and when she seen him in NY and when she decided to dedicate her IronMan to a child she searched through hundreds of cases and seen Prestun. It all came back to her how sweet of a boy he was and new this was fate.
Next an old classmate asked me if he could mow my lawn while I was away. It just amazes me how some people you havnt sat down with for almost 20 years will come buy and do this type of thing. Thanks Joe Palacioz.
So all that and Prestun needs to use the bathroom. We make it 2 steps and he starts puking 6 times and gets on the toilet and continues. I see him peeing and It looks like blood in his stool. So now we need to test… favorite waiting to see what else is wrong. Well there is the update. Donate Now

Back to NYC in 14 days

thowardOctober 26, 20170 Comments
Today Prestun went to clinic we had port flush and labs done and met with the team here at home hospital. Monday I took Prestun to the dentist. Prestun lost his crown and needs to have another one put on . Over the last several weeks Prestun has had alot of Doctors appointments its been […]
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Gamer for Life

thowardJune 21, 20170 Comments
Today was day one of clinic . Prestun got his port access and labs drawn too and saw the team to clear him for anesthesia. We did discover his potassium is low. I’m going to have her some more bananas in him . They not for sure why it’s low . His blood and platelets […]
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******Update on Prestun Scans*******

thowardJanuary 27, 20171 Comment
We got the results in all Prestun Scans…. As you can see in the picture we are very very happy with the results. We are now back home. There is no place like home! Prestun will go back to New York city in 2 months again for a complete worked up. The Team has agree […]
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Scans are done !

thowardJanuary 20, 20170 Comments
Scans are done ! Now we wait . Please say a prayer for Prestun! If people that can not help Prestun we understand and we simply ask you to share the post and say a prayer for Prestun . If you can help Prestun click on the link below thank you
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*****Day 2 Scans are done*****

thowardJanuary 19, 20170 Comments
*****Day 2 Scans are done***** Today was another long day at the clinic. We started out at 7:30am this morning to do his MRI of Liver followed up later in the afternoon for his Mibg injection. I still have no results Ive been told they are back up on reading the results of the MRI. […]
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****Day 1 Scans Are Done Started at 7:30 am this morning.

thowardJanuary 18, 20170 Comments
****Day 1 Scans Are Done Started at 7:30 am this morning we did his MRI brain and spine followed up later in the day sonogram of both kidneys… I have nothing to report and no answer .. waiting for information that can make or break your day is horrible … oh I pray all is […]
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Back to NYC once again.

thowardJanuary 13, 20170 Comments
Tomorrow morning Prestun will head back to Nyc for his scans and for some more test done on his bladder issues. Since christmas I have seen some things that have concern me but I do my best to brush them off. He has had some headaches, couple times he has vomited for no reason, Lack […]
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Merry Christmas

thowardDecember 25, 20160 Comments
Merry Christmas everyone! This little boy reminds me every day why to be thankful! Thank you every single person that has prayed for our sweet little boy every day is a blessing with him!#prestunthesuperhero.  We are gearing up to go to New York once again for scans and evaluation on January 16th, please say a […]
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Neighborhood kids surprise Prestun

thowardDecember 3, 20160 Comments
On December 3rd some very kind neighborhood kids found out Preston who is a 7 and is fighting cancer wanted to meet and surprise Prestun by decorating his front door with homemade signs, Legos and Pokémon cards. Prestun was so excited upon his arrival back to Florida from New York City where he recently had […]
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Happy Thanksgiving!

thowardNovember 26, 20160 Comments
Happy Thanksgiving! Can you guess what we are doing in Nyc today ! #prestunthesuperhero #smileisthebestmedicine
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