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Just got into New York

Just got into New York

mseibel August 29, 2014 0 comments

When I arrived at the hospital he was in his stroller demanding to leave.  However the doctors have slightly other plans. Looks like they plan to replace his port tomorrow which requires surgery again.  The port has slid too far down a ventricle and will need to be replaced do to it could cause an irregular heart beat or other complications.  We will keep everyone updated on the new complication as we are told what the plan is.

On a better note a received a picture from both Brady Scott and Debbie Royse.   10609630_820839247934567_1201592360734740063_n

I’m super pleased to announce we got the artwork for the shirts. This is what the shirts will look like. Remember you have have to preregister by September 11th to guarantee you get one of these awesome shirts. Thank you Brady Scott for the amazing work you did designing this — with Brady Scott.

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