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Labs check today

Labs check today

thoward January 27, 2015 0 comments

We went to clinic early this morning trying to get ahead of this winter storm here in Nyc. No transfusion today which is great. He had to get a shot cause his Anc counts were to low. He wasn’t happy about that. Clinic was super busy this morning. Prestun got to hang out with Wes’ Fight Against Neuroblastoma today . Prestun enjoyed hanging out with Wes talking about Mindcraft. It’s super cold outside and snow is coming down good. Luckily we have no clinic tomorrow phew!. Weds is his dose of his 8h9. I hope the Fedx truck will be able to make through this stuff. I guess worse case we possible could be delay a day I hope . Prestun seems to be feeling good the last couple of days. Ready to get the dose over and be done with the brain treatment hopefully forever. Thank you everyone for the constant prayers. Please say a prayer this week for easy treatment for Prestun this week10942854_590030011133440_1467435108_n10947568_590030027800105_1940447577_n10944081_590030071133434_2084330267_n

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