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No treatment today . Prayers are needed

No treatment today . Prayers are needed

thoward April 2, 2015 0 comments

Recap of today . Wee early hours this morning . Prestun started puking no fevers just puke after puke. At 7am this morning I took him into clinic still puking. Took them couple of hours to get it under control but the puking stop. But High blood pressure came with all this mess. So Prestun Doctor decided no treatment today it would be too dangerous. Prestun isn’t feeling well this evening and has puke a little bit this evening. They even did nose swaps and extra labs looking for flu bug or anything. All test came out clean. So the next step then is to do Mri of his brain. We need to double check to make sure he is still clear and no tumors in the brain. Sometimes headaches along with vomiting can be warning signs. Even though when Prestun relapse back in July he had no warning signs that he had cancer in the brain. I’m nervous wreck. Positive thinking and believe god will watch over him and this is all side effects from this antibody of 3f8. What lies in store tomorrow. All depends on Prestun body. Blood pressure has to be good and needs to stop puking and feeling better or no treatment tomorrow. Team advise me that Mri will be set up Thursday of next week. For me that forever in day and way to long. But Prestun requires anesthesia that’s the only slot that was open . I assume if they feel is more urgent they will find a way for now we have to wait. I’m bless that Matt my husband comes down to help during his cycles of 3f8. As you can see Prestun always finds comfort when he is here. Only missing our daughter’s that I miss so dearly and feel empty without them. Prestun doesn’t seem to get much of a break. Please everyone Please say a big prayer tonight for him to better and no cancer in the brain . I feel lost in my heart tonight as I watch my son fight for his life and try become cancer free and it’s not fair. This is no normal life for 5 year little boy.
Lord, I can’t say it words ….. Can you please listen through my heart. Amen. ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero‬. ‪#‎payersaroundtheworld‬

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