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Please Pray

Please Pray

thoward February 21, 2015 0 comments

Please Pray for Mr.P
I lied… When I said this round of scans aren’t going to freak me out. Tomorrow is Big day. Mibg scans. This scans find Prestun’s Neuroblastoma. I’m praying so hard and holding onto my faith. Prestun needs these scans to be clear. So we can move on to antibody. Prestun and I want to go home SOOOO bad … WE haven’t been home almost 8 months now. I can almost taste freedom seeing my husband and my daughters. We all needs this… Please God hear my prayer tonight. Please protect Prestun and give me clear scans. Please tomorrow bust out your superhero stuff and think about Mr. P. I want to click my heals three times and say there is no place like home there is no place like home. We can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and prayers you have given our little boy. We want to be a family again and get a little break. We are projecting to go home end of March or First or April if we have clear scans. I can’t take another Heart break. I want scream out to the the world . He is my My Life, My World, Best Friends Forever. ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero‬ ‪#‎Ihatecancer‬10799415_552295308240244_1897759292_n


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