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10699188_10204187233977506_1187040481_nPLEASE READ….FINAL PLEA FOR THE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND. So as I struggle to provide Prestun the best medical care. Why… No cure… No words can be any bolder this. What…. Your child has cancer and is going to die…. In my book. This isn’t acceptable . I want my son to live. I want him to outlive me . I want him to have normal child hood like other children. So if you were in my shoes being told this. I guess you need to ask your self what would you do? . For me loose everything, If I have to. Meaning my car, my house , my personal items. I can rebuild someone day in life. But Prestun I cant rebuild. There Is no replacing him. Live Prestun life to the fullest the Doctor’s tell me. How in the world am I suppose to do that. When People criticize you for trying to do something fun or make memories. I don’t want memories. I want to hold onto my son forever. Not live life to the fullest. I want to reinsure people that go fund me and any donations are going to Prestun medical care. I have currently $15,000 out of pocket medical expense . $1085.00 monthly bill to Ronald. Hell if Prestun wants a glass a milk or drink. Cross the street I go to buy this people. A bar of soap for my body , baby wipes, cleaning supplies. Food anything you do every day cost here. And triple it here in Upper eastside New York. vs Kansas cost. On top of that I have normal expense at home with 2 teenager daughters that need me very much that I cant be there for. Now on to Prestun radiation treatments. They are going to be new jersey . there Ronald house only has 5 room. they are full and don’t think they will open up. So that means hotel room or live off the street. So choosing hotel room. which is were your go fund me again helps. 17 days radiations times by meals and whatever else comes along this. Now on to St Jude. Please stop. I know it free. But just because its free doesn’t mean they can take us. Honestly there is no Neuroblastoma Specialist there. So you as parent would you want to go somewhere is free with no cure cancer. Or do you want the Best in the whole wide world. For me currently Its sloan kettering. Prestun has relapse in the brain. Every where in the United states would tell me to take him home and live out his days. Are you kidding me. I’m going to fight like hell and give it all I have to make sure Prestun lives. Dr Kushner is willing to help me fight this .. So everyone my plea tonight. Just pat me on the back or hug me and tell me as a parent I get it and support you and I will fight with you to make sure Prestun lives. Or if you don’t feel that. I guess you can keep thinking that childhood cancer is vacation and the money that I have gotten I must be out shopping my ass off. We need help and sadly $20,000 so far we have raise just touches what we need. So please help us if you can even $5.00 or $1.00 and that my son relapse in the brain and she is doing what any parent would do . That is fight like hell. I don’t want my son to die. I worry everyday of this and as well how can we afford all of this. How can you live life to fullest with these worries. So donate today to help Prestun or please don’t say anything mean anymore. I cant take it. I just want my son to live. I will travel the world and beg on the streets if I have to… Childhood cancer sucks nobody wants it or should have to join this club so please help

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