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Prestun Demands Subway Sandwich after Chemo.

Prestun Demands Subway Sandwich after Chemo.

mseibel August 6, 2014 0 comments

10595834_10203840795236754_259190334_nSince his relapse Prestun as done another  4 rounds of chemo and has not had much of an appetite.  He has had a hard time keeping his meals down.  When he finally got his stomach settled down, he asked for his usual Subway sandwich kids meal and Lays yellow chips.  Luckily his Uncle Todd Howard lives near by the Children’s Mercy Hospital and rushed the young superhero his favorite meal.  When the was sandwich was delivered he wolfed half of it down and thanked Todd for the treat. After the fourth round he has been playing with some Batman and Ninja Turtle toys they brought him. He has one more round of chemo here in KC tomorrow before he fly’s to New York for his radiation treatment.  Before we go to New York he tells me he wants to go to his second favorite place in the world, next to Great Wolf Lodge lol, Game Stop.  So if he is up to it and Game Stop is not busy, because his immune system will be weak, I told him we would go.  His small demands  crack me up and make me smile.

For now he is resting peacefully in anticipation of his next round of chemo.  We are not looking forward to another night of vomiting and pain.  I am sure it will be all worth it in the end.

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