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Prestun isnt feeling so good

Prestun isnt feeling so good

thoward November 30, 2014 0 comments

Happy late thanksgiving everyone .. Prestun and I had wonderful thanksgiving .. Our friends from NYC offer us into their home again this year … We had great time …. I notice yesterday he didn’t seem himself .. He wouldn’t eat all day but he has done that before . This morning he woke up said his tummy hurts and I was like ok I was going to give him some tummy medicine to help him. But I notice he felt pretty warm . Sure enough he had a fever … So this morning we have been sitting in urgent care …. They are going to release us .. But if he runs another fever or his blood cultures come back positive then more then likely he will be admitted … Hoping this goes away nothing more happens … I need him well . Next week he starts his first dose of 8h9 to his brain. I don’t want delays I want to make sure we stop his Cancer in its tracks .. Thank you everyone for thanks giving wishes … Please today say a prayer for Prestun to feel better …

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