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Prestun Plunge #prestunplunge

Prestun Plunge #prestunplunge

mseibel August 23, 2014 0 comments

Ed Bates #prestunplungeTHIS time!! Now on to the NEW challenge I started today, 8-22-14..I call it the Prestun Plunge!! I nominate Tom Severin, James Black, and Burgandy Nicole!! You all have 24 hours Pay or Plunge for Prestun!! Please help this thing get HUGE and help this wonderful beautiful little boy!! You can nominate 2 people..but if you wear a super hero shirt or costume, or have a super hero present with you in any way, you get to nominate a 3rd person. Lets see if we can make this so big that the news will cover it and help bring awareness to his needs. Please help Prestun Seibel kick neuroblastoma butt!!! Take the Prestun Plunge and donate!!   Sit Five seconds in a bucket of Ice Water.





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