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Prestuns going back to New York.

Prestuns going back to New York.

mseibel November 15, 2015 1 comment

prestuns picturesPrayers needed, Prestun has been doing well and putting on weight sense scan have been clear, however we are starting to get concerned due to several relapse symptoms have started. He has started complaining of random headaches and random vomiting with no other signs of having the flu. Prestun is also complaining of pains in his feet and hands…the last straw is he complained about the left leg having pain, this is the same leg he was limping on when we discovered the cancer in the beginning. We sill be spending another separated thanks giving from the rest of the family but hopefully all will be ok and will be back before Christmas. We need everyone’s prayers and support as we head back to New York to do a full set of scans and blood work to determine the results. Donate

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    Virginia Jylkka
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    I follow Devon Still on Instagram because his daughter is battling neuroblastoma. He just posted about an arrangement he has made to help families financially whose children are battling cancer! Hope it will help you! Positive love being sent your way!

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