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More Problems

More Problems

thoward August 17, 2014 0 comments


Update posted by Tiffany Seibel-Howard 54 mins ago

URGENT PRAYERS NEEDED. Prestun has been running very high fevers though out the day . So they have decide to do a CT cause they were leaning possible fungal infection. The team came back stating they have found lesion / tumor or maybe its fungal . They said that radiologist was uncertain . So honestly we are Freak out more with no answer tonight. Tomorrow morning Prestun will have an ultra sound done to figure out if there is a mass if so move to MRI. We are in complete shock and scared to death just cant be cancer. Please pray this is nothing . We keeping hearing the word Lesion over and over in our head. Please we need all the prayers we can get. I’m lost for words right now and shocked and hoping they are wrong and its nothing. Please share for prayers and support. We need all we can get. We are reaching out to our team to New York as well to get their thoughts we don’t 13 days before we leave. Thank you everyone for the support and donations over the last week . This will all go to Prestun medical care.


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