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Ready to get out of the Hospital…..again

Ready to get out of the Hospital…..again

thoward September 13, 2014 0 comments
safe_imageWe had super rough night last night. Prestun was puking a lot. I assume it was from the surgery . His head hurt really bad he said. Like a headache. He didn’t really sleep at all last night. All he wanted to do go back to Ronald house and be with his sister. Thankfully his loving sister was nice enough and stay with him till about 2 in morning. Bless his heart. He just hasn’t catch much of break since this relapse all started. They did the CT this morning. Waiting to hear if they found any swelling . So far I Haven’t yet so I assume its good. I am finally relieve that this part is all over and Prestun came out good and the tumor was remove. That is the best positive news I have heard since Prestun relapse. Now some point next week Prestun will start another round of chemo. See what I mean cant catch a break. Prestun 5th is 4 days away. Please don’t forget to mail your super hero cards to Prestun Seibel PO Box 770811 Winter Garden, FL 34777. Prestun has enjoyed all the Super hero stuff and cards and letters. Thank you again for everyone support and all the prayers20140912_191804



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