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thoward September 3, 2014 0 comments

10660965_10204050276513655_2134365494_n So today we did the MRI of the head and his CT of his lung and his Mibg injection. I knew today I wouldn’t have any answer. Due he told me so. I’m praying every so hard to hear those beautiful sweet words NED. Never take them for granted. I pray once again Prestun will hear those words. Kushner told me more then likely I wouldn’t hear those words tomorrow , But Hope is what I live for everyday and I hold onto oh so closely . Praying tomorrow He will have some answer of his lungs. Hopefully they improved . Tomorrow Prestun goes Mibg scan as well his bone marrow. Never loose hope. Always hold onto tight. As I said it before. Prestun is my world, my life and my best friend


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