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Scan Results are in!

Scan Results are in!

thoward July 21, 2015 0 comments

Prestun is Clear!!! pending and waiting on bone marrow reports which will be a few days. MRI brain and Spine Clear… and Mibg scans (total body scan) Clear…. Next step is to go home!!!!. Come back to NYC on September 9, for vaccine shot and Scans again . Which means we will be stuck in NYC for Prestun Birthday again. But that’s Ok.. I know by looking at Prestun he doesn’t look like he ever had cancer but sadly that is not the case. Prestun is still in treatment until April 2016 as long the cancer doesn’t return. We are still asking for donations or gift cards to rebuild his trust account if we can get hit our $80,000 That should last us for a long time hopefully pending we don’t pay the radiation bill off $139,000. If you can help relieve us some of the burden for Traveling, flights, meals. co pay and non covered treatment it would relieve some stress . We know we have been asking alot lately to donate cause his fund is very low down to almost nothing. Thank you again everyone happy day Prestun is clear and Dreams come to true until next set of scans. If you would like to donate to Prestun medical fund click on the link below


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