Some words of encouragement from our Doctor tonight. This morning early this morning. Prestun had his MRI of his brain and spine. We got the call this evening about his test. MIBG scan. Nothing lit Up … CLEAR!!!. Mri scans of the Brain and Spine no evidence of tumors. I took a deep breath and was able to let it out and sigh Big. This is fantastic news. After yesterday meeting I was freaking out. There is still concern on the Ct scan coming back abnormal . So tomorrow we are ruling out if there is Neuroblastoma in the liver or not. We don’t have a time of scan cause they are working us in. So they told us to make sure I’m by the phone said when they call tomorrow we go over there. Regards to the lymph node . Since it’s slightly enlarge and it didn’t light up on the scan. They don’t know if its cancer or not. So we decided to rescan in a month to check on the lymph node. Hopefully its back to normal size and all worries will be to put to rest. So hopefully tomorrow we can put one concern to rest and hopefully proved its not neuroblastoma just aftermath chemo and its a lesion. The other I just wont know for about a month. But its better then waiting for another 3 months so I can take that. This has been very stressful week and ready for tomorrow to be over and hear No cancer was found and pray the lymph goes back to normal. Please pray for prestun tomorrow that the liver is ok. Thank you everyone for your prayers and message and kind words over week. I will take the good news and celebrate with Mr. P. with some ice cream. I will update on liver results when I have them .Giving you all hugs. Very happy and relieved ..