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I have been doing this for almost three years. Never the less it don’t get easier for us or Prestun. To be honest it has gotten harder. Prestun understand way more now then he did three years ago. Cancer is Chronic issue weather you define the odds years from now or weather you go way to soon and time is taken from you. Regardless time is taken from Prestun and many others. As yesterday it has been three years since he started to have warning signs and took us till September 26, 2012. I’m thankful for this fight and every single minute I Have Prestun here with me. Is the best quality time for a little boy No way. But sadly this is normal to him and hospital is way of life. Heartbreaking …… We started this Page when Prestun relapse in the brain back in Oct last year. We are thankful what we have raise and could be way worse and be nothing. Over the battle of relapse in brain the Medical bills have pile. I have one medical bill that is over $139,000 and co pays every where and these costly trips to NYC about $1,000 or more each time and not to mention that 10 and half long months Prestun and I was stuck in Nyc drain is escrow down to nothing. I keep telling myself pride is more and I don’t want to keep asking for help. When I ask for help we raise couple hundred here and there. Beyond thankful . It would be nice if we raise enough to get him through his treatment which are till April 2016. Maybe its because we are doing scans I’m totally stress out cause if they find a pin dropped of cancer I know what this means. Being stuck NYC for a long time and chances of curing Prestun will be much slimmer. I never sign up for this nobody does. Normal life that money we have raise on go fund me would be beyond plenty in the Cancer world just covers a fraction. There is so many things I want for Prestun but financially I cant afford it cause we have all these trips for his treatment . I want to give him the world. Every parent wants to give their child the world. But being told your child has cancer and there is no cure for the disease and make the most of his time. I really want to give him the world and more. If I had one wish one thing I could do for him I would switch places with him I have ask god this many of times. But he is hearing my prayers some of these children don’t even make it to three years.. Once again I’m asking everyone even its $5.00 spare a cup of coffee to lift this burden of worries. Bless you all and sending hugs for all the help and cards and countless prayers which I always take . All the phone calls and message. I just one less burden to worry about and focus on Prestun having the world.…

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