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Scans are back…Can’t win for losing.

Scans are back…Can’t win for losing.

mseibel September 4, 2014 1 comment

10682064_10204022202691827_698816831_nScans are back and it looks like the surgery we were hoping to avoid will have to be done anyway. Not sure if the last scan was inaccurate or if the new scan show that the tumor has made its way into the brain barrier. Even though the cancer has been shown via the scans to be retreating, because of the placement the tumor will need to be completely removed. Prestun will from this point have a permanent stent put in his skull.
The CT scan also has shown that the infection in his lung has gone or dissipated, however a similar infection is now infecting his liver. Prestun just cant win for losing.
Because of this we will be flying our kids out to be with us for the surgery once we have determined when the date of the surgery. Hopefully the girls will be out here for his birthday.

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    Praying. ……….God bless all of you.

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