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Scan’s start tomorrow

Scan’s start tomorrow

thoward November 18, 2014 0 comments

My nerves are a wreck. I got our schedule today. We start scans on Tuesday instead of Monday . Another day of waiting. There has been so much going on in the Neuroblastoma community. Some relapse, some hearing they are still NED, Some becoming angels . Looking at my love of my life tonight. This bring back memories back in July . Thinking I would be hearing Ned and hearing Prestun relapse in the Head and later finding out he has relapse in the Brain. Prestun has been in hard core treatment now for little of 3 months again. Please pray with me that next week we will hear positive news. He needs this. I want to “Keep Swimming” as Princess Talia would say. Have to “Keep Swimming” I don’t ever want to go backwards anymore. All I can think about are these scans and “Keep Swimming” I hold onto hope. Every time I look at prestun there always will be Hope. I believe in hope. Please pray hard for Prestun.

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