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Scans are about to Start this week

Scans are about to Start this week

thoward February 20, 2015 0 comments

My stomach is in knots already. Starting Tuesday Prestun will start his work up for his scans. He will have a MRI brain and spine, MRI of the liver, Mibg injection, Mibg Scans, Four point Bone Marrow. We need all of this to be Clear! I hope and pray he will be clear, and he will move forward to four cycles of antibody. We are hoping after cycle one we can finally go home.. This week I’m asking the world to wear and share your superhero stuff and show it off with a Selfie picture. Weather it’s a tattoo, T-shirt, socks, drawing or whatever is your superhero gear is. Prestun loves all you. Seeing all the superhero stuff around the world is truly amazing. Let’s show Prestun Superhero gear and mention where you are from. Please send tons of prayers and superhero gear our way this week. Please don’t forget to share and use the hashtag. ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero‬.10612753_524361811033594_8797978472256474221_n




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