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Scan’s are in!

Scan’s are in!

thoward February 21, 2015 0 comments

So we heard this evening Prestun Rough Draft of his scans are CLEAR. What we do know at this time his Mri of the Liver is Good. And his Mri of brain and Spine are clear and final. We are waiting on bone marrows and Final Draft of his Mibg scans. We are meeting with team on Monday for the final results. The team has decide Prestun will endure another 4 cycle of 3F8. Which as you recall we had extreme Blood pressure problems and Lots of pain. He will begin Cycle 1 On march 2. We need lots and lots of prayers to get through that week. Prestun and I so excited today. For one Hearing Clear scans and As well we should be going home Hopefully by the end of March. So Almost stretching us to 9 month mark. We thank God for hearing our prayers on Prestun. We are beating the odds on relapse brain tumor for Neuroblastoma . We just pray it never returns and mean time . We still have to live life to the fullest and give him all the love he can handle and keep showing the Prestun the world and all the good in it and bringing him tons of smiles. Thank you everyone for sharing his page and praying for our baby. Just amazing how many people care about him. Prestun and girls are my life and I can’t image a world without any of my kids. As well amazing husband. Tonight freeing truly great full and see the world full of love and you remind me of this everyday. God is amazing. If you don’t mind tonight. Please post where you are from. I would love to share this with prestun and show him where people live. How much they care about him.. #prestunthesuperhero11007693_602543329882108_595056600_n

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