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So Scared

So Scared

thoward August 5, 2014 0 comments

PrestunlogoI cant help it. But read about tumors in the head with this monster. Some positive and some not positive. Waiting game just sucks .. Not knowing . Be positive I tell myself. I freaking scared.. I’m scared for prestun my job as parent is to protect him and I failed. I feel that I failed. I literally did every thing I could for him every option of treatment I gave it to him , and look it came back . I travel every where in my means and what I could afford and still couldn’t protect him. Sometimes knowing as much I do with this Disease sucks. Im just going through the stages of emotions I’m still in shocked. Bad nightmare… I just want to wake up. Oh I am wake… I keep trying to go back almost the last two years. could I have change something should I push the Doctors more… all of this just sucks … My heart aches for all these families dealing with neuroblastoma. . why cant they find a cure…..


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