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Test dose is done. Next week full dose 8h9

Test dose is done. Next week full dose 8h9

thoward January 21, 2015 0 comments

Today was once again a long day in the clinic. I would say it was emotional day for both of us. Emotional for me feeling helpless. Just hate watching him endure this. Prestun struggles with this treatment very badly. I can see why. Fear of Needles. He’s 5 year Old. What child wouldn’t be afraid of needles. Its not like anybody sign up . Saying pick me right here me me. I will take a poke. Prestun has had more needles, prick , poke more then I will ever see in my lifetime. He struggles with this one. Cause there are so many people in the room cause it radio active and I’m holding him from the behind and some one else is holding his head still. Then you got someone that is coming at him getting ready to poke his head. You cant see them doing it. We always do 123 poke . But his fears go through the roof when we cant see someone doing something to him. Then the drug they put into the omya port . You have to do this cause you don’t want anymore cancer in the brain you want it gone and never to return. Thankfully Next week be the last dose of this hopefully for ever. Thank you everyone for Birthday wish (prestun mom) . Didn’t really feel like my birthday . But it hasn’t in the last 3 years but I wouldn’t change it for the world spending it with him… But I would love to my girls and hubby here with me. We go back to clinic for another lab check and possible transfusion again. His body has been broken down from this treatment which sucks but its what is needed to be broken down to kill all the cancer cells. Thank you everyone for the prayers and support always

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