I wanted to update you where we are at with Prestun treatments. As you all know Prestun just finish his 8h9 cycle. Now we are watching his counts to drop and recover and see if he will need any transfusion or not, He will only go to clinic once a week for labs unless he needs products. In jan 2. we start scans and the work up for cycle 2 8h9 into the brain. He has been feeling better good and not sleeping as much which is good. But we wanted to take the time tonight post and Thank everyone. With out your donations, care packages,cards, Prayers, support and emotional support. I honestly don’t know how we would have done this fight . We thank everyone for going out of there way to make Prestun have better day. People around the world has been so kind to Prestun. Even when we are out in public like tonight. We were out to eat tonight for dinner. Prestun and I . They refuse to take our money and wanted Prestun to have a Merry Christmas. Wow…. Truly all of us from the Seibel wanted to say Thank you . Even Prestun Tonight as he pose for this picture. Thank You. Once again we need each and everyone of you. You all have a part in Prestun care and his Life. Thank you ..