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Today was 8h9 day

Today was 8h9 day

thoward December 12, 2014 0 comments

Today was hard day for me. I didn’t even really feel like posting today . I was full of emotions . As I sit there today thinking about all my feelings to myself. I cant even image what my 5 years old son feels. A lot this has became a way of life . The norm you can so speak of. But today was hard pill to swallow for me. Prestun had his 8h9 today. Being told my son is radioactive and you need to stand away at least 6 feet from him. That sound horrible .But thought of putting Radioactive stuff on his brain .Wow. But I don’t have choice. I want my son to live and out live me. The things these children have to do to fight for survival its just not right. He treatment wasn’t long but its was very upsetting to him. He was very freak out when a needle is coming at your head and you cant see it and several people are holding him still so he doesn’t move. Having a total 9 people in the room gown up and wearing goggles coming at him with a needle. Should freak anyone out. Tomorrow we will go to Clinic for follow up and Saturday as well . Then off for 2 weeks. Well Labs will be check to make sure he doesn’t need platelets. Then do this all over again. I pray that Prestun body call handle this treatment. I pray this treatment finds all the Neuroblastoma cells and kill them so he never relapse again. Every child reacts different to the side effects so we will have to wait and see. They advise me all the sleeping is coming from the post radiation treatment they said. They said about another week it should wear off. Thank you everyone for prayers and support. I’m full of emotions tonight. ‚Ä™#‚Äéneuroblastomacansuckit

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