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Tomorrow is final Scan Day

Tomorrow is final Scan Day

thoward July 17, 2015 0 comments

As I sit here tonight. I know there is nothing I can do to change the outcome tomorrow. I believe in faith and hope that Prestun body will remain clear. I will admit I’ve been very nervous on this around of scans. Well always nervous but crazy on this one. Scans July are not my thing. I feel like history repeating again but yet I tell myself this will be different he will be clear. Please say a prayer tomorrow morning for Prestun that his precious body will be safe from cancer. I will never understand why this had to happen to Prestun why we cant trade places. Why he doesn’t hear me plea trade me places please god . Sick to my stomach knowing there is no cure for Prestun .It is always going to be down to a flip a coin as once my Doctor put into perspective of Prestun life. I know it was not meant to be a mean just the truth and his odd of living and dying . I want Prestun to be more then a coin I want his odds to be more than 50/50. I just want Prestun to live in this world being a little boy having no cares in the world except who is going to play with him . I could ramble on and on I’m just worried and cant stop thinking about my best friend. Prestun will start his scan tomorrow morning follow up with his 4 point bone marrows which they dig holes into his little hips front to back. So not right. I wanted to say thank you for who all has donated today and previously and sending many prayers to us. I cant believe in the 11 month battle on this relapse what cancer cost to ensure someone lives. A price on a child life shouldn’t be this way. A child should get every treatment option in the world. Aren’t they are future vs how much this is going to cost and can you afford to do this treatment and burden is on you as the parents to figure out how to make this happen. It’s sad not fair and just plain gross. I always end every time night before his scans with a picture stating Prestun is my life, My world . My Best friend. If you would like to donate to help Prestun click on the below.11756494_667266556743118_646282273_n

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