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Treatment is delayed

Treatment is delayed

thoward January 14, 2015 0 comments

Prestun treatment has been delay. Today was suppose to be test day for his 8h9. His body is to weak for another hit at the moment. Prestun is currently needing platelets and border line for blood transfusion. What does this all mean. Delays. Meaning another 2 weeks added to our time in Nyc. So we are rolling into march to go home. We have already been here for half a year. I understand why this needs to delay. Prestun body needs to be strong and be able to handle the second dose. So we don’t have exact date when the next treatment will start. All depends on prestun body . So we are hoping next week but no set date. Tomorrow we will go back to clinic to check his counts to see if he needs anymore transfusion. Please pray for prestun body to recover so we can move forward with this treatment. I hate the waiting game. Always worries me that Neuroblastoma will come back due to no treatments. Cause that what this cancer like to do . Thank you everyone for all the prayers. I believe in the power in prayer . I hope we can start next week. For now Prestun gets his rest to prepare for another battle with treatment . ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero‬.

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