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Treatment dose next week

Treatment dose next week

thoward January 18, 2015 0 comments

Friday Prestun and I was at the clinic for almost 8 hours. They gave Prestun blood and bag of platelets too. They have decide to go forward . Prestun next week will get his second test dose on 20th and the actual dose 28th. It has put us behind what was plan. But I’m more concern about his body. I know this second dose is going to knock him down and make him need lots of transfusion . But I wanted the second dose of this treatment in the hopes to keep cancer coming back to brain. It’s very hard to treat cancer the brain and its hard to cure it. But Sloan has good rate of treating relapse in the brain from coming back. I pray every day he will be the odds. Thank you again everyone for the support. He was very tired yesterday from his body being tired and all the medicines that were one board.

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