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Trying to figure out

Trying to figure out

thoward March 13, 2015 0 comments

I’m emotionally tired today , home sick doesn’t even describe it. But watching this. Plan sucks. He is covering his face from the light cause it bothers him. The team aren’t for sure what to do nor what is causing it, They are giving him blood today to see if the light headed and headaches stop. Then problem solved . If the problems goes on. Tomorrow he will do MRI of Brain to see what is causing the problems. I just want to see his contiguous smile. Get some normalcy during this break and had some point go home . Praying this fix the headaches. I don’t want to think about anything else and will remain positive. Please send some love and prayers tonight to Prestun Seibel journey kickin Neuroblastoma Butt. Prestun baby you are super hero and always willing to put of a fight and never look back . I need to see that smile so bad. ‪#‎negu‬ ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero‬.

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