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**** Update On Prestun.

**** Update On Prestun.

mseibel October 9, 2016 0 comments

Prestun got his stiches out of his head. He did pretty well and with the help of our wonderful NP nurse he did great. He has big C on the back of his head. I told Prestun its stand for Coolness. He smiled and said yeah. We decided to go home and rescan in a month from now. It didn’t make sense or feels right to start chemo with the pathology report coming back un-known. We will go back to NYC in month and get a full work up again. I just pray we made the right decision. Sometimes I feel like we are playing the guessing game and did we or didn’t we make the right choice. I hope so . My gut wasn’t pushing for chemo I mean who would but I just didn’t feel like we couldn’t confirm this was Neuroblastoma. Prestun will have to take it easy for the next 6 weeks until the bone heals and make sure he gets no infection from this surgery. I still cant believe it . My baby has had 2 brain surgery and he is asuperhero and beyond . I admire his strength and courage and of course his wonderful smile. I just wanted to thank everyone tonight for praying for Prestun and sticking with us for the last 4 years. We are not out of the woods yet we are far from over. This going back and fourth to New York.

If you are able , Please make donation to Prestun medical fund and help make sure Prestun gets the treatment he needs which is to travel to new York for his treatments. Click on the link below


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